• Living well with Dementia

  • World Alzheimer's Day in Lamontville

  • Families attending World Alzheimer's Day

  • Dementia Awareness through drama: Lamontville High School Drama

  • Observing the World Azheimer's Day in Lamontville

  • Dr Ngcobo speaking about dementia in Lamontville

  • Heritage and Culture

  • We are making a difference to people's lives

  • Reciting a poem on dementia - Entuthukweni Primary School Pupil

  • Transcending cultural differences in the fight against dementia


Bessie Makatini Foundation is a community based organization which offers support to people living with dementia. We also work with the elderly with mental illness, supporting them, their families and carers.


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Registered in South Africa:  Registration No. 138-129 NPO  | 5 Langa Place Lamontville 4027 (PO Box 42147 Lamontville)

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